Italian Cruise Line Equips Fleet With PlayStations

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Costa Cruises signed an agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Italia to put PlayStation 2s and 3s aboard all of their ships by the end of 2009.


Starting in June, Costa Cruise lines in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean will have an area called "PlayStation World" for passengers to play PS3s. There will also be PlayStations in the cabins, on the lido deck with a big screen hookup and in kids' and teens' clubs so often featured on family cruises.

According to an article on, PS3s will be in the cabins with games on demand while the kids' clubs and stuff get stuck with PS2s feature Buzz! and other torture devices social games.

The cruise line also has a deal to sell Sony PlayStation products aboard the ship. Supposedly, they'll be getting "the very latest releases of the best known PlayStation video games."

So if you really want to play Aliens: Colonial Marines right when it comes out this June (or at least play it in style), it might be time to take a vacation.

Costa Cruises signs PlayStation Deal with Sony



Why PS2s in 2009? Are they for the third class rooms down below as something to do in between listening to folk music on the violin and sketching Kate Winslet in the nude?