Italian Boy 'Addicted' To Playstation, Says Actual Doctor

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13 year old Lorenzo Amato was rushed to hospital by his father, where doctors at first thought he may have been suffering from a stroke or brain disorder. But no - after closer examination, the medics diagnosed 'Playstation Addiction'. Local politician Antonio Buccoliero was quick to comment, "They eventually managed to take care of him once they understood that this was a strange kind of mental detachment connected to his Playstation." It is unknown if this condition could be contracted through rival consoles or if it is a Sony-only disorder. Or indeed if it is an actual medical condition and not something they just made up to make a point about gaming. The boy had been unable to speak and appeared 'confused' following a marathon gaming session. He reportedly told his father to throw out his console saying, "If I even think about it I want to throw up." Boy rushed to hospital with Playstation addiction [Ananova]


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yeah this topic is it's own personal disaster...

Tyrone biggmus: Damn, that playstation must be made of crack rocks!!! mmmmmm MMMMMMMM!