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As Crecente previously reported, Tecmo's Tomonobu Itagaki is ready to move on after Ninja Gaiden 2. He's said its the last entry in the series. What's next for the sunglassed one? According to Itagaki:

I love the action game genre, in particular I am very focused on movement and the animation. One of the precepts I always have for my games is making sure that the animation of all the characters is as fluid and as cool looking as they can be... I think that I'm going to continue to explore the action genre and do something that allows me to go in directions that I haven't been able to go with the Ninja Gaiden series, with an entirely new franchise.


Itagaki told Crecente that he was thinking about either a World War II game with an American developer or on a space game. Whatever Itagaki settles on, you can be damn sure of one thing: It will have great boob physics.
What's Next [Videogamer]

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