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"It Would Be Great If Music Education Started With Wii Music"

Mixed E3 impressions or not, Wii Music is coming out this October. And boy oh boy are Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and resident genius Shigeru Miyamoto excited. Thrilled, actually. In a "Creator's Voice" conversation posted on the game's official site, Miyamoto says, "I haven't really felt the happiness from making other games that I've had felt making Wii Music... I wasn't this excited while making Super Mario Bros." The two men go on to talk about how people want to create music and how Wii Music can help people overcome playing instruments that and enjoy making music — by pressing random buttons, we guess? While Brain Age was so popular in Japan that some school began using it in class, Iwata and Miyamoto would totally love it if Wii Music could do more of the same:

Iwata: Well, there, with Wii Music, there's a strong possibility of raising people's basic level of music education. Miyamoto: Yes. Thus, from now, I've even thought it would it would be great if kindergartens or elementary schools got Wii Music and began kid's music education with that...


Yeah, that makes sense. What's the point of starting young children with real musical instruments when you can sell them Wii Music? Nintendo isn't in the kazoo business, dagnabit! Creator's Voice Wii Music [ Thanks Go Nintendo for the heads up!]

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Why is Miyamoto, the guy that created Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Pikmin, F-Zero, working in Wii [insert daily activity] games? I know that he's old but he still has a lot to give us -_-'...