It Takes Over Eight Hours To Walk Across Just Cause 3

Turns out there’s a very good reason Just Cause 3 is full of cars and planes and choppers and grappling hooks and parachutes: its map is enormous.


Reader Conor—who suffers through this kind of thing for your enjoyment—plotted the farthest distance across land in Just Cause 3’s map and started strolling (and occasionally swimming).

It took him an astonishing 8 hours, 40 minutes to do it. For reference, it took him 56 minutes to traverse Fallout 4, and under five hours to get across five Grand Theft Auto games. I know movement speed and player size are important factors in that beyond just raw map size, but still, eight hours. Man.

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I love Just Cause’s actually decent-sized worlds. It is SO immersion breaking when a game like Fallout or Skyrim or WoW takes place in an area the size of a large park. When some ‘arduous journey’ in the lore takes 5 minutes. Where a ‘massive city’ is actually four houses and a pub. Where the middle of the wilderness is about 150m away from enemy HQ. Even GTA has that problem these days- Los Santos proper feels small, the game’s “Beverly Hill[s]” area is literally a single block. The hood is about two streets.

JC has always had a world-sized world, or at least a world large enough that the fantasy of being on a legitimate island nation is upheld in the imagination. It’s part of the reason I enjoy Assassin’s Creed too- London and Paris feel like bustling cities that actually have tens of thousands of people in them.