It Seems Yang & Yun Might Indeed Be In Super Street Fighter IV Arcade

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The fighting game nuts at Eventhubs had men on the ground during a recent location test for the Japanese arcade release of Super Street Fighter IV, where attendees say that, yes, Yang and Yun have been added to the roster.


This was rumoured a few weeks back, and without pictures or official word from Capcom is still technically a rumour, but you'd have to say that with multiple reports directly from the location tests, this is the next best thing.

Yang and Yun originally appeared in Street Fighter III, and while not exactly the most recognisable or popular characters outside of the hardcore Street Fighter fanbase, within that fanbase, it seems to be a pretty smart decision on Capcom's part to include them here.

To read more about the new character's moves - as well as other changes made to the game for its arcade release - head to EventHubs at the link below.

Updated: Yang, Yun in SSF4 arcade, list of changes [EventHubs]



Oh boy, if the cost of costumes is any indicator, I can't wait for these characters to become DLC for SSFIV and follow Blazblue's pricing structure.

$8 per character, maybe even a $15 double pack!

Don't worry, it won't split the community at all, people's game systems when they bring them to gatherings will all just have a random mishmash of the characters they actually cared to drop 1/5th the entire game's price on.

Ugh. Fighting game DLC is not cool. When there are enough characters for this people will wish they just made another version of the game or waited and put all the content in the game at launch, because they will have paid for another game after buying 5 characters.

But oh, Super Street Fighter IV should've been DLC. Bleeding out $80 for the ten new characters over a few months would've been much better than the $40 package with all of them plus tons of new features and balance changes that every single person who bought the game could enjoy instead of only those who downloaded.

Just because we have DLC now doesn't mean it should always be used.

[/rant that I bring up every time this subject is dropped]

I'll wait for SSFIV: GOTY edition and save some money.