It’s hard to put into words why Fortnite—as repetitive as it can be as a game—has so immersed a huge number of gamers. Fortnite Isn’t A Game, It’s A Place,” a new article by writer Owen Williams, described Fortnite’s appeal as a hang-out spot rather than as your bread-and-butter shooter.


Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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Platypus Man

I can agree with this, I haven’t played Fortnite in months but I was pretty heavy back in seasons 3 and 4. I was never very good at the game but I pretty much exclusively used it as a hangout place with one of my buddies. We’re 30 and we would largely use it to chat and have fun playing together more than playing the game itself. Like obviously we would still try and win and sometimes would do pretty well but it was more just a thing to do together as friends than anything else.