It’s a tale of two season passes. 2K Games announced a second season pass for Evolve—five new characters, one new monster—while io Interactive told Videogamer its new Hitman will not have a season pass at all, as the game’s extra content is free.


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Legit curious, does anyone play Evolve anymore? It’s such a shame. That game got so much well-deserved hype, but a week after it came out, everyone stopped talking about it. I mean, I’m glad to see terrible business practices not being bought into by the consumer, but I’m terribly sad to see a fun and unique concept crushed by those business practices. Because the industry will see that and say “welp, no one wanted to play a game like this so let’s never do it ever again.” rather than “welp, no one liked how the DLC was handled, let’s fix that and try this cool concept again.”