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Even if we play so far above our heads that our noses bleed for a week to ten days; even if God in Heaven above comes down and points his hand at our side of the field; even if every man woman and child held hands together and prayed for us to win, it just wouldn't matter because all the really good looking girls would still go out with the guys from Mohawk because they've got all the money!

Meatballs and My Bodyguard were movies I must have seen about a thousand times each when my family got HBO back in 1981. Chris Makepeace freaking owned that channel back in the day.


• Wii Remote with Gripz is $19.99 + $3 shipping from Next best is $28. [Dealzon]


• Toshiba dropped the price of their 17.3" Satellite L770-BT4N22 by $34 and gave it a $50 coupon code. The base config is Core i3-2310M, 4GB RAM for $495 which is $85 cheaper than ever before. You can customize this laptop up to an i5-2410M w/ 8GB RAM. [Dealzon]

• HP released a $150 coupon code for their 14.5" Envy 14 laptop. The core i5-2410M, 1GB Radeon HD 6630 base configuration is $849.99, making it $75 cheaper than last week. The coupon also works for the Envy 14 Beats Edition laptop which just received 2nd Gen "Sandy Bridge" processors. [Dealzon]

• HP has coupon for $300 extra off (on top of instant savings) Elite HPE-h8qe desktops customized to $1399+. You can hit the threshold with the highest-end graphics upgrade (1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti, normally $200), and still pay $899.99, the best price ever for this model by $20. [Dealzon]

• This weekend Dell released a $400 coupon for an Alienware Aurora desktop with Core i7-2600, 6GB RAM, and Dual 2GB AMD Radeon HD 6950, making it 1,599. [Dealzon]


• TigerDirect offers the Xbox 360 Live Starter Pack, which includes a 60GB Xbox Hard Drive, Headset and 3-month Xbox Live Gold subscription for $39.99 (normally $69). [LogicBuy]

• Logitech, as part of its weekend sale, cuts an extra 20 percent with coupon code logi_ws_7811 on already discounted (up to 29 percent) gaming accessories like keyboard, mouse, headset, gamepad and flight system. [LogicBuy]



inFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition (PS3) is $59.99 + $3 shipping from Next best is $98. [Dealzon]


NCAA Football 12 (PS3, Xbox 360) + $20 bonus credit is $59.95, free ship from Amazon. Next best is $60 no credit. [Dealzon]

Duke Nukem Forever (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) is $37.99, free ship from Amazon. Next best is $58. [Dealzon]


God of War 3 (PS3) is $14.99 + $3 shipping from GameStop. Next best is $26. [Dealzon]

Fallout: New Vegas (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) is $9.99 from Next best is $20. [Dealzon]


Chicken Blaster + Blaster Hunting Rifle Gun Bundle (Wii) is $4.99 from Next best is $20. [Dealzon]

Call of Duty: Black Ops (360, PS3) plus the First Strike Map Pack, is $49.99, free shipping from Newegg. [LogicBuy]


• Buy 1 Kinect game, get one free at Amazon. [TechDealDigger]

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Limited Edition (360) is $29.99 from Best Buy. Normally $59. [LogicBuy]


Brutal Legend (360, PS3) is $4.99 at Best Buy, normally $10. [LogicBuy]

• Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition (PC Download) is $10.92 from Amazon. Next best is $14. [Dealzon]


Digital Distribution

The following listing of digital download bargains are grouped by distributor. For more, see Deals4Downloads' roundup.


Adventure Shop
Black Mirror III for $9.99, save 50 percent.
Gray Matter for $14.99, save 50 percent.

Silent Hunter 4 Wolves of the Pacific for $4.00, save 80 percent.
688I Hunter Killer for $4.99, save 75 percent.
Sid Meier's Civilization V for $26.79, save 46 percent.
ARMA II for $19.95, save 50 percent.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent for $9.99, save 50 percent.
Red Faction Guerrilla for $10.71, save 46 percent.


Men of War for $3.75, save 75 percent.

BigFish Games
Dora's Carnival Adventure. Use coupon: dora99 for $0.99, save 90 percent.


Command and Conquer 4 for $6.00, save 70 percent.
Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor for $4.99, save 63 percent.
Company of Heroes for $2.49, save 63 percent.
Guild Wars Trilogy for $14.95, save 50 percent.

Red Baron History for $4.99, save 50 percent.

Act of War High Treason for $9.95, save 50 percent.
Desperados 2 for $9.95, save 50 percent.
Garshasp: The Monster Slayer for $4.98, save 50 percent.
X–Com Complete Pack for $14.95, save 50 percent.


Battlestations Pacific for $4.98, save 83 percent.

Daily Hidden Gem deal, save 60 percent.

Disciples III: Renaissance for $11.99, save 60 percent.

Mac App Store
Braid (Mac) for $4.99, save 50 percent.

Microsoft Marketplace
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin for $9.99, save 50 percent.

Daily Summer Camp deals, save up to 75 percent.

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inFAMOUS 2 is very tempting. I just have no idea what I'll do with the statue.