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Just ask game developer Hudson's human mascot Takahashi Meijin. In his prime, he could press a controller button 16 times in a second, earning him the nickname "16 shot."

That was when Meijin was 27 years-old. He isn't 27 anymore. "I will turn 50 in about 2 months," says Meijin. "And I was 27 when I did the '16 shot'. Therefore, it is getting more and more difficult to do it at my age. Probably, I can do the '13 shot' at best now!"


At this rate, he'll still be able to do an "11 shot" when he's in his seventies, which nothing to sneeze at.

Try your button pressing skills here.

Takahashi Meijin Interview - Hudson's Adventure Island [WiiWare World]

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