It Didn't Take Kingdom Hearts PC Mods Long To Go Off The Rails

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Image: Smores / Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts III has been out on PC for less than two weeks. Anyway, here’s Thomas the Tank Engine.


If you’ve played a Kingdom Hearts game before, you can probably already guess what Thomas’ nightmare visage takes the place of: Yep, the tram in Twilight Town.

“I wanted to bring in a bit of that classic Skyrim modding to the KH3 community!” wrote the mod’s creator, Smores, forcing me to reckon with the fact that thousands or maybe even millions of people know Thomas the Tank Engine more as a Skyrim meme than a character in his own right. “This replaces the Tram with Thomas the Tank [Engine], featuring a new model and textures.”

Here is Thomas in motion:

Gif: Smores / Square Enix

I don’t think his eyes actually follow you, but it feels like it, right?

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Has this really been out on PC for 2 weeks now?  I feel like this came in under the radar.  Shouldn’t there have been a bigger deal made of this AS it happened?  Like, I remember the occasional article months ahead of the release.  But the day of?  Or the days following?  Almost nothing.