Oh No, It's Thomas The Tank Engine In Resident Evil 2

Modder ZOMBIΞALI has done the world a favour/cursed us all by introducing Thomas the Tank Engine to the PC version of Resident Evil 2's remake, where he replaces Mr. X.


Dropping Thomas into inappropriate video games is nothing new—it’s been done in everything from Skyrim to Fallout 4—but it’s the nature of Mr. X’s cold-blooded, relentless pursuit (and Thomas’ gentle chugging) that makes this so good. And by good I also mean utterly horrifying.

Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, it works:

You can download it here.

Via Dusk Golem @ Resetera



Yeah, no yeah. Screw that, Mr X has caused me to quit multiple times at certain moments in RE2. This would simultaneously make me laugh and scream as I ran for my life. I would be quite literally helpless as Thomas chug-chugged his way to me.

Edit: The one clip shows Claire shooting Thomas. Does shooting Mr X actually do anything early on? I never tried to shoot him, I tried to save ammo.