Even I, a person who has never seen Simon & Simon a single time, got a kick out of this incredibly elaborate shot-for-shot remake of the opening credits.

Created as a goof for Adult Swim, it stars Paul Rudd, Mad Men's Jon Hamm and Parks & Recreation's Adam Scott, and, well… it's kind of hard to describe. Just watch it.

If you want to marvel at just how in-depth the re-creation was, check out this side-by-side video. And for the full backstory of the making-of, read this interview at Vulture.


Epic events like this don't happen all the time. It's understandable that you'd have questions. For example: How did a bizarre joke like this ever even happen? Hopefully these videos will answer some of them.

Were you a big fan of Simon & Simon? Would you watch a remake starring Jon Hamm and Adam Scott? (Correct answer: I would watch pretty much anything starring Jon Hamm and Adam Scott.) And more to the point: How's it going? What games are you playing?

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(Via Laughing Squid)