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It Ain't Easy To Recreate The Star Wars Trailer In GTA V

Star Wars features things like the Millennium Falcon, lightsabers and droids. Grand Theft Auto does not. You'd think this would make recreating the new Star Wars trailer impossible in GTA V, especially without the use of mods, but no. People just had to get creative!


Props to Powerlight-13 for finding a way to remake the Star Wars trailer that has everyone hyped up. The question is, will they recreate the entire movie once that's out? I hope so.

Here's the original trailer, for comparison's sake:

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens - Remake/Parody in GTA V [Powerlight-13]

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Done with Kinja

I am loving all of these fan made trailers! Shoot, even I built one for the heck of it.

In mine I thought there needed to be more suspense, so I used sounds and music from the Prometheus trailers. Enjoy!