Isn't It A Little Late For A PSY Video Game Tie-In?

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Meanwhile, over in Europe, this is happening. Korea's most popular musical export lends his gentlemanly style to two of Korea's most popular online gaming exports. I can see PSY in MapleStory, but Combat Arms?

"Gangnam Style" set the world on fire, and then "Gentleman" set the world on okay, I guess that's all PSY had to offer, moving on. Now Nexon is letting MapleStory players in Europe hang out with the man.

Players of MapleStory will have the chance to embark upon a number of special missions to assist PSY during his stay in Maple Town, including rescuing him from an alien abduction and helping him prepare for his concerts. Special items can be earned from the events such as pets, hair, t-shirts, chairs and a special PSY ring.


And over in Nexon's competitive online shooter...

Combat Arms players will also have access to a number of rewards. After PSY’s posts have received enough “Likes”, each player gets a chance to get their hands on in-game PSY items. Also, players will get ‘Gentleman’ case each day they log-in for the first week.

*throws confetti*

The PSY promotions in MapleStory started back on August 21; Combat Arms' festivities kick off today. None of this seems to be happening in the U.S., which is why we won all of those wars.


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Iconoclast XVII

Mostly unrelated, but I wish more fads were like Gangnam Style. It came, all the other ones of it were funny the first 100 times, then it got old, and shortly after it was all over with and a distant memory. All over what? A few months or so? These other fads that last for years have really overstayed their welcome.