Today's media-minded edition of Speak Up on Kotaku wonders why the word "cinematic" gets used pejoratively when it comes to video games. At least that's what commenter Drkstrm thinks. After all, movies can be great entertainments and works of art, right? Here's Drkstrm:

What's with the stigma on the word "cinematic" when applied to video games? As far as I can tell, it's because people equate it to QTEs and long cutscenes. While this might be a truth, it shouldn't be the one that comes to people's minds. A cinematic game should be one that you play and feel heavily drawn in by the spectacle of your actions. An example of this, for me at least, are the Devil May Cry games. The intensity of the fighting is amazing and it runs so heavily on just looking cool that every encounter can look ripped out of a cinematic masterpiece. That's what "cinematic" should evoke in people's minds. It shouldn't evoke images of buttons plastered onto a movie, but rather a movie created by your buttons...


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