Gamescom, the biggest video game party in the world, strikes next month but it's not too soon to start digging in to what we might be seeing at the biggest blending of beer, sausage and video games in the world.

Over on Gamescom's official site they've got a list up of who's going and what they'll be showing. Well, sort of. We've got a list of what sorts of games the companies going will be showing.


In the cast of Valve, they say they'll be showing off a strategy game. That rules out everything we know that the company is working on besides DOTA 2, the defense of the ancients game the developer announced last year.

The PC-centric strategy game would be a great fit at Gamescom, a show that promotes the heck out of PC games.

We've reached out to Valve for comment and will update when they reply.

[Thanks Ivan]

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