Is This Zombie TV Show Tipping Its Hat To Dead Rising?

At Comic-Con, a trailer was shown for the upcoming TV adaptation of the brilliant comic series The Walking Dead. Nearly every scene shown is lifted directly from the comics. Except for one, though it still looks familiar.


You'll see it come at around 4:10 into the clip. It's from early in the comic series, when hero Rick travels to Atlanta looking for his wife and son. In the comic, you see a tank in the background on one page, but Rick never clambers up on top of it running from the undead.

He does in this trailer. That's new for the show. And the imagery looks a lot like the most iconic shot from 2006's Dead Rising, from the game's conclusion as Frank finds himself...on top of a tank surrounded the by undead. It's not only the same scenario, it's the same vehicle, an M1 Abrams.


It's nice to see that for a game that took so many cues from other works of zombie fiction, Dead Rising seems to have had its own influence on the genre.

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I absolutely cannot wait for this show. I'm hoping it'll replace BSG as my favorite TV show of the last decade.