Is This the Worst Video Game Laugh Ever? Maybe!

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You thought Tidus from Final Fantasy X had an awful laugh? Have you heard the original Japanese version?


In comparison, the English version is actually easy on the ears! The ten-minute remix version, though, is still utterly bonkers.


Final Fantasy X was released way back in 2001. A remastered version is headed to the PS3 and PlayStation Vita, hopefully crazy laugh and all.


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Wow, it's pretty amazing they made that bad scene in English, worse in the native voice acting.

Don't care what anyone says about the fake laugh, if it's intended for comedy they totally failed to deliver it, and it doesn't really break any's just awkward and dumb. It's the first Final Fantasy with voice acting though, so it's not other games weren't bad back then, but thankfully Square Enix got better. Outside Luna and Auron, the rest of the cast are full of dumb lines, poor delivery, and they either barely emote or overdo it to the point of cheesy melodrama.

FFX despite having a great battle system, and the sphere grid being a cool non-linear character progression system, had a rather haphazard story in quality...with weird pacing and plot holes, along with any drama of death hard to take since people seem to just shrug it off pretty easily. Not to mention Seymour, the recurring power rangers villain that Yuna won't bother to send after multiple opportunities.