Eventually, Atari realised this and released the Atari Jaguar Pro Controller, which featured six face buttons instead of three (including shoulder buttons), but it was too late. By the time this pad hit the market in 1995 the Jaguar had only a few months left to live, and with its demise Atari would soon follow with it.


While the controller is far from the worst ever made by anyone, it certainly must rank among the worst first-party offerings from a major hardware manufacturer. And though it was far from the only problem with the Jaguar — its lack of quality software (Aliens vs Predator and Tempest 2000 excepted) was a bigger concern — it still serves as an example of how something as seemingly innocuous as a control pad can help influence the fortunes of a console.

The Jaguar's was seen as a joke, a joke that persisted until the console's early demise. Two later controllers (the "Boomerang" PS3 pad and the original Xbox "Duke") that were notably mocked learned from that lesson, and were either replaced before launch in the case of the "Boomerang", or with a vastly superior model in the case of the "Duke's" successor, the "S" pad.


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