Is This The PlayStation 3's Super Smash Bros.?

PlayStation Move Heroes, a game we played last year, is the first PlayStation game to bring lots of characters from Sony games together.

Nintendo does this kind of thing all the time with Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and various Mario sports games. Sony usually keeps its icons separate. They're crossing their franchise lines with PlayStation Move Heroes, though, putting Sly Cooper's crew, Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Daxter all in one game. That's certainly more promising than mixing, I don't know, the Cool Boarders people with Wipeout and ... the Battle Arena Toshinden brawlers? That wouldn't work.

PlayStation Move Heroes requires players to use the PS3's Wii-like Move motion controller in a series of challenges that I might call mini-games but that the developers have shown are, well, large-ish mini-games.


Watch the video I shot of the game last year, if the trailer doesn't answer all your questions.

PlayStation Move Heroes: Watch the Story Trailer! [PlayStation blog]

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This looks interesting, but I feel it needs more characters for a game like this. Is this only a three game cross over? Where is Crash Bandicoot? That was the first PlayStation game I ever played. There has to be more characters they can pulled into this too. Snake was in Smash Bros, yet he is probably a more fitting character for a PlayStation cross over. Can anyone think of more?

Also, I'm actually more of a Microsoft fanboy. So can anyone think of who they could us for a Xbox version of Smash Bros?

Btw, no Console Wars in my thread please.