The game formerly known as Heroes on the Move is now PlayStation Move Heroes. It's still coming the the PlayStation 3 next year, still stars Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper and Bentley. Still motion-controlled. Here's a new level.


I shot video of this PlayStation Move Heroes level late last week at a Sony event tied to New York Comic-Con. You'll see one of the main gameplay types, a survival battle that requires the player to beat a fixed number of enemies. Each level of the game is set up in a confined space, requiring the player to finish a specific challenge. You can play as any of the main PlayStation mascot heroes or, in co-op, as one of the signature duos (you can't mix and have, say, Jak and Clank teamed up in co-op).

At first glance PlayStation Move Heroes seems like it might just be a PlayStation-mascot-branded mini-game collection, but its developers stress that there is depth here. The game is controlled with a Move wand and either a DualShock or Navigation Controller in the other hand for analog-stick control. While there is no big world of adventure in PlayStation Move Heroes, as you can see, a level has scale and depth you wouldn't see in a carnival game.


The developers told me that fans can expect references to just about every game the Sony heroes have started in. Even Jak X: Combat racing? Yes, even that, they said. But they wouldn't explain how.

PlayStation Move Heroes is part of the 2011 wave of Move games, the batch Sony needs to get Move past the tech-demo phase. Here's hoping it does right by the icons it stars.

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