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Glynnis Talken Campbell, the original voice of StarCraft's Sarah Kerrigan, Queen of the Blades, lent her famous pipes for the StarCraft II reveal trailer at BlizzCon 2008, but ultimately the actress will not be voicing the villain for the game.


According to Campbell, the voice work done in that trailer was considered an audition for the role, and Blizzard has decided to go in another direction.

Voice actress Karen Strassman has updated her resume and added "StarCraft II - Lead" to it. More importantly, the end of her voice clip reel has this moody line: "For I am Kerrigan, Queen of Blades". Listen to the clip here.

We are contacting Blizzard and will update if we get confirmation.

Karen Strassman Voice Over [Official Site Thanks, Bonertown!]

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