Is This The First BioShock 2 Trailer?

The freshly-released PS3 version of BioShock has a little treat tucked away within; it (seemingly) includes the first trailer for BioShock 2. Watch it above (though be warned, it's in s-s-s-s-s-hhhaky cam). If legit, the game's called BioShock 2: Sea Of Dreams, and if we were forced to give our $0.02 worth, we'd say that little sister doesn't look so little anymore. We'll no doubt see a better quality version of this sometime soon (or can at least confirm this is real, since there's always an element of doubt when it comes to s-s-s-s-haky cams); we'll update when we do [via VG247]



I'd rather just see "BioShock 2", and leave the subtitle off. Seems kinda of awkwardly added.

If this is legit, looks interesting. Perhaps playing as a little sister out in the real world?