Is This PS3 Exclusive Trolling The Xbox 360?

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Infamous 2 is a PS3 exclusive. Sony is publishing the game, and it won't be on the Xbox 360. That doesn't mean Infamous is devoid of Xbox 360 references.


In the latest trailer, there is an in-game shop called "Red Ring Electronics", which seems to be a reference to the, ahem, infamous Red Ring of Death.

戦争か? ソニー製のゲーム『インファマス2』にXbox360をディスる看板が [はちま起稿]



My pro console is going for 3 years without ever giving me any problems... So much talk about red rings makes me feel like it's and initiation rite I have to endure before I can call myself an xbox owner...

As for Sony... I'm not gonna say that PS3 SuX or flaming or anything... I'll just say that sony sometimes SEEMS like a cornered fox! Move sales weren't that good (again, not saying it sucks and neither saying it was a flop or anything) and they start to bitch that 3DS is for kids and "adults" wouldn't want to be seen playing one... They keep flaming the xbox and how it's underpowered... Now this...

Even if the xbox360 is less powerful then ps3 it's not a *bad* system and I rather enjoy its exclusive games... That makes me think that Sony's marketing dept seems to be run by a bunch of childish fanboys... I don't see sony or nintendo dissing sony stuff (not in a comparable way at least...).

I understand the argument "system X is the best ever" but I don't understand the constant "system Y sucks" (although occasionally everyone lets out a bit of fanboy steam...).

Sony... Grow up...