Is This Photographic Proof That DmC's Dante Has No Man-Parts?

I've been enjoying DmC: Devil May Cry, Ninja Theory's reboot of Capcom's violent, venerable dude-juggling series. Evan likes it, too.

I even like protagonist Dante's total makeover as a brown-haired, sexy as eff guy, all swagger and sword-swinging. But could it be… (HARD-HITTING INDUSTRY NEWS ALERT)... that the dude has no penis?

This video, posted and strategically slowed down by The Average Gamer, at least gives some ammo to the argument. As they put it, "Dante has no dangley bits where dangley bits should be."

See—and judge—for yourself. Maybe his Nephilim-wang (Nephallus?) simply defies the laws of physics?


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