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Is This Leaked Picture of Grand Theft Auto V's Los Santos Map Real or Fake? [UPDATE]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tweeting from an account called "GTA V Leak," an alleged Rockstar Employee has posted what he says is an image of Los Santos from . It's posted above.

Real or fake this is our first glimpse of what the Grand Theft Auto V map could look like.


The account is anonymous, going merely by @toronotoJack233. The first image was posted with the headline "deleting this in 10 minutes," followed by two more tweets: "Good job i resign in 2 weeks ;) nice to do something good before i go" followed by "I wonder what my boss would do if he found out? #gtaV"

We're skeptical, since obviously this could be complete bullshit. But this could also be the first picture of GTA V's southern California map. We've reached out to Rockstar about its veracity and will update if we get a comment from them.


UPDATE: Looks like this is a fake, folks. Kotaku friend Michael McWhertor has dug up some of Toronto Jack's older Tweets which had previously hyped GTA V as a game subtitled Los Santos, set for release on November 11, 2011. That kind of erroneous info is unlikely to have come from a real insider.

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