We've been inundated with tips today pointing us to an image that, in some people's eyes, proves that Blizzard is on the cusp of announcing Diablo III. They may very well be, but that image is sadly no proof at all. Work that was attributed by some to "hackers" who weaseled their way into the well-secured depths of Blizzard's web site is more than likely just a ruse, just clever Photoshop work designed to toy with your emotions.

The full image โ€” just after the jump โ€” is huge, showing an even longer teasing progression from frosty, barely visible demon head to flaming red hellish visage coupled with an ominous "III." But we certainly don't think we're in for six more days of intolerable teasing, especially since the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational kicks off in Paris just hours from now.

Check back in with us later tonight, as the game announcing festivities kick off at 11 AM Paris Time. That's just eight hours or so from right now.


Thanks to everyone who sent this in. We think Chris was first. He gets a Kotaku No-Prize for his efforts.