Is This A First Look At The New Mistwalker Game?

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Mistwalker, the developers behind Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, are hard at work on a new title.


In a recent blog post, Mistwalker head Hironobu Sakaguchi wrote, "I am working hard on a new project. Now we just started going into the final phase of the production. No matter what, I will make it really good...."

A recently added page on the Mistwalker official site shows an artist by the name of Watanabe hard at work at his desk. What's that on the screen? A grassy field and perhaps a character? It's hard to say because the drawing is incomplete.


mistwalker [Official Site via Siliconera]

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It's disappointing that Lost Odyssey didn't sell, but I blame part of that on a shitty ad campaign. Why did the marketers think playing Jefferson Airplane over footage from the game would help its chances?

Blue Dragon, as much as it failed, seems to have found at least a modicum of life on the DS, and ASH has yet to be released in the west, so there's still promise there.

Hopefully whatever Mistwalker is working on next will be able to surpass the sales of their previous efforts. Though I think in order to do that, they may have to develop for a console other than the 360 if they really want to attract the attention of the Japanese audience in addition to the west. #lostodyssey