Is This a Collector's Edition Worthy of a Space Marine?

Large and bulky like the mutated heroes of the game itself, the Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine collector's edition could easily take down your average Ork. Let's take a peek inside.


I blanked on the price during the recording of the video, which is just as well, as I never would have guessed this was a $99.99 collector's edition ($79.99 on PC). It's nice to look at and smells wonderful, but I'm not convinced it's $100 worth of wonderful.

What do you think?

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my favorite collectors edition so far? warhammer online. now that just had quality written all over it (except the game case itself... and the game... well it was decent)

if this is anything like that one (which it probably isn't), i'll be tempted. i'll have to watch the video when i have more time