Word's starting to spread that there is a Twilight game currently in development. But is it what you think it is?

A report surfaced on Massively earlier today, pointing us to the site of a game proclaiming to be a Twilight MMO. There were no details provided other than the fact it was an MMO based on Twilight, and that it was in development at Brainjunk Studios.

But, uh, who the hell are Brainjunk? All we could find is the MySpace page of the company's "programmer", Brandon Gardner, who is a student at Westwood College Online. And it appears Gardner is, conveniently, a massive Twilight fanboy.

There's no actual Brainjunk page. And the game's site is broken from the attention. Turns out Brainjunk are just a bunch of Twilight fans, who are working on this "game" for free, in the hopes that Twilight's Summit Entertainment overlords will, as owners of the single-biggest piece of new media property of 2009, like what they see and pick it up.

Which never, ever happens. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.