Upon first seeing the DJ Hero peripheral this morning, many people remarked on how simple it looked. Three buttons and a turntable, and that was it. But is that it?

Take a look at the two shots released. They're awful. One only shows a small part of the device, from the top-down, while the other has one side of the controller abruptly cut off. When revealing product images to the press, you don't accidentally cut off sections of the image.

Oh, unless you're trying to hide something.

We wouldn't be surprised if Activision have a few more announcements left on this thing. Like, say, a small crossfader.


And if you're worried about it being in the top-left of the unit, take a look at the buttons on the two images. The "front" image has the buttons on the left, but on the top-down one they're on the right, suggesting that Activision simply flipped the front-on image, meaning the crossfader would actually be on the bottom-right of the unit.