Is The Nintendo 3DS Grey Market Already Collapsing?

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Before the Nintendo 3DS was released on February 26 in Japan, rumors swirled that the handheld would be in short supply. Pre-orders were sold out before the console hit stores. Those hoping to make a quick buck, swooped.


And from the sound of it, they got screwed.

The ¥25,000 (US$310) Nintendo 3DS is going for around ¥20,500 to ¥22,000 on Yahoo! Auctions. Of course, that means many of those who purchased the 3DS with the sole intention of reselling it aren't even getting their money back!


This is a stark contrast to what the DS Lite fetched at its must-have frenzy.

『3DS』本体 2万円割れる日は近い テンバイヤー大損劇場はまだまだ続く [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃] [Pic: Getty]

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I will never, ever buy another Nintendo handheld or console. I got totally burned on the Wii. I absolutely hated it. Sure I'll miss out on a few better than average games, but I'll never put another dime in their pockets.

I am sure there are many people that are either happy with their DS, don't care about 3D, are waiting for the inevitable price drop, or are waiting for some actual good games to buy the thing. Or they are like me and have just grown beyond Nintendo's lineup.