Is the New XCOM a Shooter? Judge for Yourself

2K Games has just now gotten around to posting its 20-minute E3 demonstration of XCOM; the voice-over script is the same that I heard in 2K's booth, so you may judge for yourself what this game really is, what it isn't, and what it really stands for. I stand by my original impressions, and I'm still intrigued enough to want to see the final product. XCOM is due for a March 6 release.


[h/t Chris T.]

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I love the hate for this game. Gamers seem to be hating everything and everyone. From hating SWTOR cause it doesn't look like a film (even thou nobody has played the final version for any length of time) hating BF3 cause it "isn't anything new". Hating Dues Ex cause it's got long loading times or clunky menus.


Why can't people just look at this, not as an XCOM came, but a homage to it. PC Gamer UK no longer calls this game XCOM, but calls it "The Outsiders". This is because the aliens are called "The Outsiders" (ooo alogory for xenophobic America at the time!).

Games have to expand, not all games have to be the same shit. Otherwise you get the "HERP DERP WOW CLONE" syndrome, where people go "It's a clone/copy". So what have they done? They've taken a pretty much a cult classic, nothing very very big, and made it more modern.... Have you guys ever thought why MW sells so well? It's cause its action. People want that. I doubt many 12 year olds want a tactical, turnbased, often frustrating stratgery game. Sorry. They don't. Therefore, adding a FPS element to it, attracts more. Cause, you know, they are a buisness first.. meaning they need to make cash first and games for the community second.

Next, has anybody ever decided to read up about a game before hating it? If you read the game, it isn't linear, it isn't streamlined like MW... you do a mission, say, rescue a scientist, once you're done, you don't have to do anymore. You can go home. Or you can search around. For example, you spend 20 mins gaining evidence of aliens, taking pictures and so on, the more you get, the more money you make. However, the longer you stay, the more aliens you kill/disable, the more the aliens get annoyed with you. They will send harder and tougher enemies, therefore, you can't just farm for ever. You might be doing fine destroying oil blobs with your guns, but eventually Outsiders will appear you can't do anything against. You die, or you loose your squad mates. All of which are non-revialable and all of their stats, bonuses and stuff are lost. So it becomes a matter of risk and reward.

Another example is this. You come across some military types of The Outsiders, the Outsiders take cover and deploy a Sentry Gun... you then pause the game, order way points.. like...g uess what? The Original XCOM. He can then take out the troops, then if you can, disable the Sentry Gun, and capture it. You can then either use the Sentry Gun as your own against the Outsiders, or you can donate it to your researchers who will make Anti-Sentry Gun tech and other useful stuff :) Once again, Risk and Reward.

If you really can't stand the idea of a game evolving.. please don't just post hate. It's so depressing.

Also, if you are so butt-hurt that there isn't a new XCOM... you, you know, could do some research... like I did. And find games like Xenonauts.


This is basically a reworked XCOM game, with fixes and annoying stuff removed. Like, your starting troops are no longer armorless retards.

I think the game looks and sounds fantastic. A mix of action and roleplaying. Perfect. No longer spending 10 hours looking for that last alien to kill to finish a mission <_< I just love the research and stuff.... I think that's brilliant.