Is That A Tiger In Your Boat Or Are You Just Glad To See Me

I had mixed feelings when I heard that they were making a film adaptation of Yann Martel lovely little book Life of Pi. I remembered reading that book right when I first moved to San Francisco in 2003—there was a period of time when 50% of the people on the bus were either reading it or The DaVinci Code.

I do like Ang Lee, though, and so I gave the trailer a shot and what do you know? It looks like a darned cool film. Not 100% sold on the CGI tiger, but hey, what were they gonna do? Use a real tiger? Those things will kill ya!


Have you read Life of Pi? Do you think that this movie is going to be any good? I guess there'll have to be internal monologue, huh? Will this be better than The DaVinci Code was?

Talk movies, books, or whatever else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have a lovely evening; I'll be off playing saxophone with St. Lucia at the Rickshaw Stop. I won't quite be epic sax guy, but it'll be close! If you're in San Francisco and you wanna come dance to some hot NY electro-pop, come on by.

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