According to job listings dug up by Gamasutra, Microsoft Game Studios has a new internal development studio โ€” or at the very least, a newly renamed internal development studio. Spawnpoint Studios has put the job feelers out there in search of programming talent, wooing possible new hires with the potential to work with "a very strong team, currently responsible for Gears of War 2" who will be "starting a new project in a start-up like environment." Gamasutra theorizes that this new team may be hard at work on one of the currently unannounced Halo universe projects, the one that isn't Halo Wars, Halo: Chronicles and whatever Halo thing Bungie is rumored to be working on. We're not sure how they came to this conclusion, other than the "spawnpoint" in the team's name and the unknown ownership of the fourth Halo "thing," but maybe they know something we don't know. MGS' New Halo Team Name - Spawnpoint Studios? [Gamasutra]