I suppose this was inevitable. When you have eSports, with all the markers of professional sports-superstars, commentators, million-dollar prizes-at some point you'll wind up with fantasy eSports. Domain watchdog Fusible spotted three registrations on Thursday and, combined with their owner, it suggests someone's looking to create a fantasy League of Legends league.

Who knows how that would work, exactly, but Fusible reports that the registrant, ZAM Network, is owned by Tencent, the Chinese company that acquired Riot Games and LoL for $400 million last year. ZAM Network also operates three gaming add-on site for LoL, World of Warcraft, and Diablo III.


The URLs in question are LeagueofLegendsFantasy.com,LeagueofLegendsFantasy.net, LeagueofLegendsFantasyLeague.com, and LeagueofLegendsFantasyLeague.net.

League of Legends Fantasy League? Tencent Owned ZAM Registers Domains [Fusible]

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