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Is Paul McCartney Writing Music for Halo's Original Studio?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Back in January, Paul McCartney—yes, the former Beatle—said he was working on music for an unnamed video game. It now appears that video game is being made by Bungie, the original studio behind the Halo franchise.


McCartney today Tweeted that image above (and posted it to his Facebook page) with the caption: "I'm really excited to be working on writing music with Bungie, the studio that made Halo." No other details were offered. (Bungie also shared the photo on its Facebook page. It's probably also deliberate that this photo was shared today, which is "Bungie Day.")

In May, a contract between Activision and Bungie turned up in the lawsuit between Activision and the creators of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The document said Bungie had been signed to make four science-fiction shooters to be released every other year beginning in 2013. The contract also said Bungie is working on a Marathon title, based on its hit series for the Macintosh back in the 1990s.


Nothing McCartney said confirms he's either composing or consulting on the soundtrack for either game. But Activision has deep pockets and that four-game package figures to be a pretty big time commitment for Bungie, leaving not much room for side gigs of this size. And McCartney did say he's working on music for a game. It's not too much of a stretch to think he's involved in Bungie's new project.

h/t Aaron T.