Is Konami Going To "ReBirth" Jackal On Wii?

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Konami may be reaching ever deeper into the intellectual property well, revitalizing one of its more obscure franchises, Jackal, as a Wii game. Do images of a "working prototype" of what appears to Jackal mean a remake is incoming?

Not necessarily, but given Konami's flood of WiiWare versions of Contra, Gradius and Castlevania, released under the ReBirth moniker, it's clear the company isn't afraid of looking backward. The recently announced HD remake of Rocket Knight Adventures also shows that Konami isn't afraid of venturing into the more obscure.


But Jackal? The 1986 arcade game and its handful of console/PC ports didn't quite share the same success of its Konami created peers. It was a decent game, but not the type of Konami revival some of us are pining for.

The images of what appears to be Jackal, identified by reader Adam, were from a developer's production resume. It was the same developer who created the "Big Head Mode" papercraft head for a Halloween costume.

That developer, Eric Testroete of Vancouver based studio Deep Fried Entertainment, doesn't name the game as Jackal, simply referring to it as an "Undisclosed" and "Unannounced Project" for the Wii. It may never have made it past the prototype stage, but would be... interesting if it did.


We've contacted Konami to see if they'd like to comment. We'll update if they do.

Undisclosed Project - 2009 [ - thanks, Adam!]

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why does Konami focus on Wiiware alot? what about PSN and Live? #jackal