IRL Big Head Mode Makes Halloween Cool & Creepy

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Big head mode, an undisputed classic video game Easter Egg, as it turns out, also makes for a damn good Halloween costume. Kotaku reader Eric's papercraft big head mode version of himself makes normal Eric equally cool and creepy.


Eric doesn't pull off any flaming NBA Jam-style dunks in his Flickr photo gallery, but he does have some stunning and surreal photos of the big head mode mask. In both wearable action and creation, rarely have I been so jealous of someone's Halloween idea.

Of course, Eric's got the right resume for modeling polygonal heads, having worked for EA, Black Box and Deep Fried Entertainment, modeling characters for games like Def Jam Vendetta, Need for Speed, NBA Live and much much more.


More photos at Eric's Flickr, with a little "making of" technical detail at his personal site.

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How fast do you have to finish the day to unlock it? Can you get paint ball mode? #papercraft