You've probably seen Japanese cappuccino art, right? It's incredible. But have you seen Japanese toast art?

This is the work of Hittomii, who enjoys bringing anime characters to the breakfast table. Here, have a look:

Earlier this spring, Hittomii began uploading toast art in earnest. Prior to these, Hittomii concentrated mainly on character cookies.


The method to create toast art looks similar to how Hittomii made character cookies, which involves drawing on clear plastic sheets, cutting out the areas that will be "shaded", then stenciling, so to speak, the different layers with cocoa powder. Color look to be achieved by using, for example, green tea powder.

And notice how the entire slice isn't toasted? That's a cool effect that makes the art pop. Perhaps it's achieved by using white chocolate powder? So far, Hittomii seems pretty tight-lipped about trade secrets—that, or just hasn't had the chance yet to dish.

This certainly is one way to make breakfast cuter—or, in the case of many of these anime hunks, more handsome!

ひっとみー [Twitter]

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