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Is it worth it to run two graphics cards in one gaming PC? Our friends at Lifehacker have some answers. (Short version: it depends, but they generally recommend one great card over having two lesser ones.)


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All Your Base

Guys, I have a GTX 670 FTW edition on my new gaming PC. This was my first time building a computer and I can't pinpoint I have with this.

Games look really bad I don't enable V-sync. They look like they are playing at a slower framerate then they actually are. If I enable V-sync, I sometimes get microstutter. It has to be at a steady 60 fps or it just stutters like crazy. The other problem I have is I don't get microstutter with V-sync on a game, the input lag is massive, almost unplayable on shooters like COD or Battlefield.

Is this an RMA type of situation, or am I doing something wrong.

8gb RAM and i5 3570k as well.