Is Capcom Working On A New Okami?

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In 2006, former Capcom subsidiary Clover Studios released the critically acclaimed PS2 title Okami, or 大神 in Japanese.

The game's title, Okami, is a Japanese pun: Written as 大神 in Japanese kanji, okami means "god", but "okami" written as 狼 means "wolf". The main character of the game is a manifestation of the god Amaterasu in wolf form.

A Capcom trademark has popped up online for "Okamiden" (大神伝) or "The Legend of Okami". With Capcom have Western developer Ready at Dawn porting Okami over to the Wii back in 2008 and given the company's penchant for sequels, this could very well be another Okami — one that won't likely be designed by Okami creator Hideaki Kamiya, who has since left Capcom and now heads up Platinum Games.


Then again, it could be something else entirely.

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I loved Okami for the Wii but half way through the game i was like Orochis dead why is this still going. Seemed to drag on a little at the end when it wasnt exactly clear why the adventure was still going at least for me.