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Iron Man 3 Started Filming at Epic Games Today. Huh?

Illustration for article titled emIron Man 3/em Started Filming at Epic Games Today. Huh?

Production began today on Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man 3 at, of all places, Epic Games, the North Carolina studio that makes Gears of War, according to local TV station WRAL.


(Marvel tweeted a photo from the set, presumably from the North Carolina/Epic shoot.)

"Scenes were being shot inside and outside the Epic Games studios, where a large Christmas tree was set up on the front lawn."


Christmas scene confirmed!

An Epic Games rep declined to comment on the matter.

'Iron Man 3' starts filming at Cary's Epic Games [WRAL] [Set pic via Marvel]

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It has to suck. Its the 3rd movie. The 3rd movie almost always sucks. Its in the rulebook. "Requirements for the 3rd movie in a comic book movie series-have multiple villains, and suck."