Iron Chef Surprisingly Fun

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Iron Chef America is unapologetically similar to Cooking Mama and Destineer is totally OK with that. "Cooking Mama is like cooking with your friends and family at home," said Lisa Mason, the game's lead designer. "We wanted to do things that home cooks don't do: fillet whole fish, quarter chicken. "The (TV) show is so ridiculous and we wanted to get that across in the game as well."And while the game is based on the American version of the game, the developers also strove to include some of the wackiness that made the original Japanese show so much fun to watch. The game will include 320 mini games, 15 themed ingredients and a 2,500 lines of dialog. Playing around with the game I found it to be surprisingly fun. You use the Wii's motion controls to work your way through a batch of recipes, preparing food as the judges watch and Alton Brown talks color. While the Wii game was amusing, the DS version is the one I think will really strike a chord with gamers. Not only does it match the Wii version (but without all of that talking) it will sell for a paltry $20 and include both pass the DS multiplayer and multi-card multiplayer. The controls seemed tighter on the DS as well and there's something a bit more satisfying about slicing and dicing with stylus strokes as opposed to swiped in the air with a remote.


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If it's based on the original Japanese Iron Chef, then I'm in. If it's based on the incredibly crappy, watered down, copycat American version narrated by the pompous and unfunny Alton Brown, then chuck it in the trash.