Iraqi Video Game, Begun In 1994, Released In 2010

In 1994, some Iraqi students decided to develop a video game for the Amiga. It was never released on that system, thanks to economic sanctions and the demise of Commodore, but now, in 2010, it's out on the iPhone!

An unlikely story, we know, but the original development team - now scattered across the US, Canada and Australia - decided to get back together (over the internet, at least), polish the game up, and release it on the App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It's called Babylonian Twins - The Quest for Peace in Ancient Iraq, and is a platformer with some puzzles thrown in that must be completed by switching between two characters.


Like Blizzard's Lost Vikings, then. Only, about as far removed from vikings as you can get. Babylonian Twins is $3 on the iPod/iPhone, and $5 on the iPad. You've paid a lot more for games that were a lot easier to make than that.

Babylonian Twins - The Quest for Peace in Ancient Iraq [iTunes, via FingerGaming]

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