Iran Becomes First Country To Ban Pokémon Go

Photo: Anadolu Agency | Getty
Photo: Anadolu Agency | Getty

Iran’s Supreme Council of Virtual Spaces, which is a real thing and not the dystopian government from a sci-fi TV show, has announced that Pokémon Go has been banned in the country.


As the BBC reports, the ban is related to “unspecified security concerns”, and comes following a short deliberation where the Council “were waiting to see to what extent the game’s creators would co-operate with them”.

While we’ve seen other bodies take measures against people playing the game (or remind folks about existing security arrangements), ranging from local councils in Sydney to Islamic leaders in Malaysia to the US military, this is the first time that an entire country has banned the game outright.

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To note, Iran right now is under historic transition from highly fundamentalist conservative to more progressive government.

Wasn’t fully transitioned but the fact that they cite safety and waiting for cooperation from the gamemakers to see whether they could legalized is quite a step.

I mean this nation use to outright demonize Pokemon and do all that “against western propaganda” thing.

hell, recently they finally elect a women as diplomat and some other higher government office, while the other nation nearby still ban women even from driving. But again, they still taking baby steps to be more progressive. There are still many people in the government still do all kind of magical shits in recent years.