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Sick Of Pokémon Go Disturbances, Local Government Asks Game To Remove Pokestops

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember the Sydney suburb of Rhodes, where a combination of high population density and sweet Pokestop placement has resulted in cops being called and eggs being thrown? Yeah, things have not improved.


The City of Canada Bay Council have contacted Niantic, developers of Pokémon Go, and asked that two of the three Pokéstops causing all the disturbances in a local park be removed from the game.

“Since the game’s release we have seen a continuous increase in visitors to this small park and the game’s traction does not appear to be slowing down”, a member of the council told Domain.


“There have been a number of concerning instances already including an emergency services vehicle having difficulty reaching an apartment fire due to traffic congestion, traffic accidents, and reports of motorcycles using cycle and footpaths to get around traffic congestion.”

That’s all in addition to the council having to pay for extra rangers and waste disposal to cope with the mess the crowds have been leaving behind.

“We have Pokéstops and gyms throughout our local government area, but the intensity of activity in this small park is cause for concern. For this reason, we are asking that two of the three Pokéstops be removed.”

Below is a notice posted at the park by the council:


UPDATE: For an idea of what the park has been like at nights lately, here’s a video shot by SpotTheOzzie over the weekend that shows the size of the crowds and some of the stuff that’s been going down.