iPhone's World at War: Zombies Getting Verruckt Tomorrow

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Solid iPhone first-person shooter Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies is getting its first new downloadable map tomorrow, Activision told Kotaku today.


Map pack Verruckt will come with the same extras that were included with the console version of the downloadable content. That means a Perks a Cola machine loaded with player perks, new weapons, electric barriers and audio for the player characters. The map is based on an insane asylum and is about two times the size of the original map, which came with the purchase of the $10 game..

Now the bad news. The map pack will cost you an extra $5, bumping the total price of the iPhone game to $15 if you want both coop maps.

"What you are getting is a better experience than the original App," Treyarch community manager Josh Olin told Kotaku. "The first level we released is a little bit bare-boned. With each map we released on the console we released all new mechanics, we're following the same approach with the iPhone."

Olin says that Verruckt also gives the co-op game more of goal than just survive.

"You need to work as a team," he said. "If you play four player, you spawn on two sides of the map and work your way to the power room where you can flip on the power switch that will turn on the perk machines."


During a investor conference call today, Activision Blizzard announced that the lite, free version of Zombies was downloaded more than 1 million times in the first seven days.

The game will be purchasable through the App Store or the game itself.


Mister Jack

10 bucks for the game on a phone, and then 5 more for another map?

I had considered getting it if the DLC would be free, however unlikely that was. Seeing that it's not, though, I'm gonna pass on this.