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IUGO Mobile Entertainment's A.D.D. has a lite version up on the iTunes store, but its full premium version has loitered in review purgatory for nearly three months. As a result, the dev has decided to pull out its free version.

Pocket Gamer's reporting that, while A.D.D. Lite is still up on the U.S. store, IUGO plans to have it removed, and it's already gone from the Euro servers. The offering of a lite version, IUGO said, was meant to stoke interest in the full game. But with that held in approval for nearly three months, the lite version is by now pointless.


"There is such a disparity in the release dates now that the Lite version holds no real purpose at this point," Sarah Thomson, the IUGO director of business development, told Pocket Gamer.

I downloaded the game, and I can see why it might cause hangups. It's a series of minigames based on touching, dragging, flicking or using the accelerometer. But you grab asses that turn out to be men's; pee on snowmen; play mumblety-peg, rip body hair off guys, drop pencils down girls' buttcracks, and other juvenile type humor.

While Thomson says Apple has contacted IUGO and apologized for the delay, it's offered no explanation for the hold up. You'd think after three months, this kind of content can get at least a go/no-go call from Cupertino. It's not exactly subtle.

"I think though for us it was more of the notion of it getting rejected that we had considered, not the game sitting in no-man's land for this long," Thomson told Pocket Gamer. "At least with it being rejected we have the chance to make changes and resubmit. Right now there's nothing we can do."


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